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St Catherine's Catholic College Singleton - Harmony, Faith, Integrity. Kindergarten to Year 12

Welcome to St Catherine's Catholic College 2018

A very warm welcome back to the 2018 school year in particular I welcome new students to St Catherine’s Catholic College, those beginning their primary journey and other students who have joined us in different year levels. As year 12 students commence their final year at St Catherine’s we wish them every success in their studies. You and your families are most welcome to the St Catherine’s community. I trust everyone had the opportunity to rest and recharge over the summer holidays I also hope you had the opportunity to reflect upon the deeper message of Christmas.

2018 promises to be another exciting year. The teaching and support staff are well prepared to begin the year in a positive and productive manner.

St Catherine’s Catholic College begins 2018 with high expectations with regard to teaching and learning. 

Teaching and Learning at St Catherine’s continues to grow in 2018 with a focus on Literacy K-12.

St Catherine’s Catholic College is committed to providing high quality Catholic Education, being a community that strives for excellence in all aspects of schooling. It is our role to cater for the learning needs of each individual. All students must be engaged, challenged and experience success in their learning. St Catherine’s staff is deeply committed to effective and innovative teaching and takes particular care and interest in the learning style and attributes of each student.

St Catherine’s is more than a school committed to academic excellence it is a Catholic school that embraces the teachings of Jesus and Gospel values.

As St Catherine’s Catholic College Community we are ambassadors for Christ, striving to bring faith and culture into peace and harmony.  In our relationships with each other we accept and encourage the unique creativity and integrity of each person.

Together we grow in:

Harmony                               by                           

  • Developing a sense of belonging, co-operation and caring within our Catholic community.
  • Promoting an understanding and love of oneself and one’s neighbour.
  • Engendering a sense of hope, wonder and joy in living.
  • Nurturing the gifts and talents of all members of our College community.
  • Becoming responsible stewards of all creation.

Faith                                        by                           

  • Striving to become a faith-filled, compassionate community.
  • Living in a loving relationship with Jesus and each other.
  • Respecting our traditions and heritage.
  • Developing resilient and reflective community members.
  • Nurturing a passion for lifelong learning.

Integrity                               by                           

  • Empowering the leadership potential of all.
  • Developing a social conscience imbued with a sense of justice, mercy tolerance and respect.
  • Becoming informed decision makers.
  • Achieving a dynamic balance of mind, body and spirit.

As we strive for excellence in the classroom and beyond, St Catherine’s Catholic College continues to provide quality learning through culture, curriculum and community.  Pastoral Care is a key component of St Catherine’s Catholic College.

Our College is a K-12 learning institution which provides a smooth and continual education across all stages of schooling.

The College is committed to offering holistic education which addresses each child’s spiritual, academic, physical, social and emotional needs in a safe, happy and loving learning environment.

Finally, I offer you blessings for the year. I hope your personal, professional and families’ lives are filled with opportunity and love.

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire."  St Catherine of Sienna.

God Bless

Mrs Maryanne Finder



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